I vividly remember when I ‘officially’ became a photographer back in 2010. After months of playing around with an entry Nikon model (D3000 I think it was), practising my skill and trying to build our portfolio, myself and good friend, Hannah took the plunge and officially opened for business.

After studying Film Production Technology at university and starting our family a little earlier than planned, the business was the perfect opportunity for me to get back to doing what I loved, albeit, stills rather than moving image. But, I was still able to continue my passion for capturing and telling stories.

Our journey to becoming wedding and family photographers was a tough one in the early stages, as it was difficult to get willing and paying customers where we each only had a small portfolio. But as time went on business started to slowly come in and the wedding photography was building momentum with bookings and that was when I bought my second camera D7000 – ahead of our first wedding season.

On maternity leave with my second baby and having a bit more time to really think about the type of photography I wanted to produce and the direction we each wanted to go, we decided to part our ways and go solo. It was a tough decision, but it was the best decision we made for our passion and business long term.

Since then we started our own photography businesses and maintained a really good relationship, always helping each other out where needed and going out for dinner every now and then!

Starting my photography business as a sole trader, it was my dream to buy a new camera, but having to start my business again from scratch it was a similar situation – getting those first customers. Without a portfolio, why should people have invested in me to photograph their wedding or family?

So after a few years of building my portfolio and client base, getting wedding bookings by myself, I was finally able to invest in the most beautiful piece of equipment I have ever owned, a Nikon D750, full frame photo taking machine!

As soon as I got it out of the box I couldn’t wait to start using it – the very next day I was photographing a wedding in Dorset, and I have to say, the quality of the image is just gorgeous. It handles low light conditions really well and is quite frankly the best thing I ever bought. I like to see it as it being the main tool for my job, and you need up to date tools that are up to the job! – Well, this is what I tell myself to justify buying it!


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