I have been to The Wine Vaults a few times, but most recently was the first time I got to enjoy sitting on their bistro tables outside in the sun.

My dad came down from London for a couple of days and it was brilliantly sunny and hot outside – perfect ingredients for wine and mezze.

Enjoying the views of the Kings Theatre and general Southsea life and culture passing by we decided to share a bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with a selection of food. On their menu they offer little mezze dishes for £4 each and have a reduced price if you order more than a certain amount (which I cant remember). Naturally we ordered what seemed to be like the whole menu. We had a selection of calamari, olives, meats, breads, fish goujons, the lot! I felt like I had a little slice of the Mediterranean on Albert Road.


It was the first time I have eaten at The Wine Vaults and most certainly will not be my last. I think next time, I’m going to try their homemade pizza’s which I have heard are highly recommended from fellow Southsea Residents.




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