We’ve made it through another year, said goodbye to 2016 and have welcomed in 2017 with a glass of prosecco or two!

At the start of every year we give ourselves new resolutions, goals and ambitions. New calendar, new start. But how many of us actually stick to these? I can’t actually remember what mine were 12 months ago, so I think it’s safe to say I didn’t stick to them!

This year (like I say every year) I want to see them through to the next. But of course they have to be realistic and achievable. If not then I have already set myself up to fail!

My resolutions this year have a theme, and I don’t think I’ll struggle to stick to these, I think they’ll become second nature.


1. Try New Independent Places to Eat 

Now I really love food and that was basically how this blog started. I used to go to new independent restaurants and coffee shops and share my positive experience on the blog. But sometimes you fall into old habits and have your ‘go-to’ places (as brilliant as they are) but forget to make new culinary and coffee experiences. So this year, I will still visit my favourites, but I will also try new places and share them with fellow Southsea lovers.


2. Explore More of Southsea

There are so many hidden gems around this beautiful seaside town. Not forgetting the stunning architecture. This year I want to wander about and stumble across new delights with my camera.


3. Support More Independent Businesses

I already believe in supporting local independent businesses and truly do where I can. But I believe I can most certainly try harder! Southsea has so many independent businesses whether they are creatives, eateries, health and fitness pros, clothing or homeware retailers, Southsea wouldn’t be Southsea without them.


4. Discover Southsea Creatives

There are so many talented creatives based in Southsea it’s amazing. Whether it’s artist, crafters, photographers, designers, musicians etc, the list goes on.  The creative culture in Southsea is thriving and I want to discover more.


So there we have it, my four resolutions for 2017. Easy! (She says). What are your resolutions for this year?





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