Easter Southsea

I always love Easter and the bank holiday around it, not only because it allows for more time for DIY chores and copious amounts of chocolate, but more importantly, family.

After working our way through our DIY list of painting kitchen cupboards, putting up shelves and family pictures, having a little clear out of the garden and an all round spring clean it was time to enjoy the bank holiday weekend together. And have a host crossed bun.

Easter Southsea

We didn’t go out anywhere special on Easter Sunday, but for us, it’s the time together that is important and the activities you create at home always make a big different for the kids. Though it was freezing cold and blowing a hooley outside we played out in the garden for a couple of hours with the kids and the pooch, slowly turning blue.

As it was so cold outside we made an indoors Easter egg hunt with little chocolate bunnies and small chocolate eggs. It didn’t take the girls long to find them, I think they have a sixth sense when it comes to sweets and chocolate! And the amount of Easter eggs the kids (aged 2 and 6) have is crazy. I try and let them eat as much as they can (within reason) on Easter Sunday as it is the one day in the whole year that it is acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Right?

Easter Southsea

Now, the roast lamb I made was pretty epic, if I do say so myself. I’ve never in my life cooked lamb and I was pretty impressed. My harshest critic, my 6 year old ate the lot, even after demolishing her body weight in chocolate eggs and bunnies!

Bank holiday Monday for us is like boxing day, eating all the leftovers. I feel like we have enough food to keep us going all week!


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