Vue Cinema Portsmouth

It’s not very often I can get all three of my girls quiet for more than five minutes, particularly all at the same time, so any opportunity to entertain the kids quietly is always a winner. 

Before our visit to the cinema we looked on the Vue Cinema website to see what was showing during the time that we had available and we were pleasantly surprised with how many films that had screening around the time we wanted – a Sunday afternoon. We decided on Ralph Breaks the Internet, Wreck it Ralph 2 as the kids have seen the first and it was a DVD we all enjoyed some time ago.

We haven’t actually been to the cinema as a family of five ever, so this trip was extra special as it was our youngest’s first trip to the cinema at 2 years old and she absolutely loved it. She had her own special booster seat to give her the extra height for the perfect view and it was the cutest thing to see – her sat there with her little popcorn tray, peacefully enjoying her snacks and the film. The big two chose their own seats (from our selected row) and sat peacefully for the whole duration and I was so impressed

When we arrived into Gunwharf Quays at the top of the parking escalator the kids ran in excitement straight to the cinema escalator and up we went into the foyer then the refreshment area. The kids went straight to the food and it didn’t take them long to decide. At home, we like to have ‘movie nights’ with popcorn, so it was easy for them to choose the Kids Combo – Fruit Shoot, popcorn and a sweet treat, they chose Jelly Tots. We felt they were such great value at under £3 per combo box. We decided to share a large salted popcorn and diet coke, though I was very tempted by the nachos and hotdog. Next time!

Vue Cinema Portsmouth

The team who served us and checked our tickets were very friendly and helpful. Particularly the lady who served our food. She had the patience of a saint when it came to me deciding on the grown-ups food. I am the worst at making decisions about food because I love it all. 

Vue Cinema Portsmouth

Our film was on screen 10 and I had forgotten just how many screens there were at the cinema, 14 in total with a huge 3,102 seats! Walking round to our screen we could see lots of shoppers through the ceiling high glass windows. It had been such a long time since my last visit, I completely forgot it was there, but it was such a novelty for the girls to stand by the glass and look down. 

Walking up to our seats was far too exciting for the girls running to find our row and choose their seats and they were much bigger than I had remembered previously, and nice space in front by my feet to leave my bag.

Sitting in our row (M) which is second from the back was a great choice. I think we got the perfect height and a great view, comfortably looking at the ginormous screen. The quality of the screen and the audio was absolutely fantastic. As a Film grad, it makes me want to pick up my love for watching new films at the cinema again (though we will need a babysitter for the 12+ rated films).

The film itself was excellent, had us laughing from start to finish and it had two very key messages – the meaning of true friendship and internet safety. My husband and I were amazed at how Disney represented the internet. Seeing the internet as something physical was a powerful way to show children that the internet isn’t always safe. 

We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the cinema and we look forward to going again. On the way out the girls were pointing at all the films they want to watch next!

How often do you take your kids to the cinema?

*The tickets were complimentary in exchange for a review. My views and thoughts are my own.

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