Autumn without a doubt is my favourite season. Don’t get me wrong, summer is lovely – all the warm weather, eating outside, BBQs, warm trips to the beach etc, but Autumn just has that something a little extra.

  1. I absolutely love the colours. The warm rich colours are just so beautiful. Seeing the leaves change and fall is quite special. Warm orange and red leaves and pumpkins really are the picture of autumn.
  2. Autumn wardrobe is 100% my favourite. I absolutely love the colours, the clothing, the shoes, everything. I feel more comfortable wearing autumnal colours and items.
  3. Casseroles. I love my slow cooker. My mum has bought me many things in my years, but I really feel the £10 slow cooker she bought me is still the best thing ever. A hearty casserole with creamy mash – relish!
  4. Red wine. I may be a little odd with this one, but I really love red wine in autumn through to winter. I struggle to drink red wine in the summer, but love to crack open a bottle from September. Red wine and a casserole is a match made in heaven.
  5. Cosy days/nights in. I feel like autumn brings family together, whether it is over a roast dinner or staying in… for me its the most family orientated season.
  6. My kids’ birthdays. Unfortunately we didn’t plan our children’s’ birth dates at all. September, October, December. So September marks the start of their birthdays and a few months until Christmas

What do you love about autumn?

Charlotte x

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